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Service Areas

On Location Animal Training services the Detroit Metro Area, and surrounding communities. If you aren’t sure you are in our service area, contact us anyway, as we may be able to make an exception depending on the circumstances.

How it Works


First things first, send me a message with your contact information, and a brief description of the services you are interested in. I will get back to you as soon as I am able, and we can schedule a consultation meeting.

Meet Melissa

Once you have contacted me, we will schedule an in-person, or virtual consultation meeting where I will share with you which services I feel will be the most beneficial to you and your animal.

Schedule a Date!

After our consultation meeting, we will get training scheduled! Depending on the length & scope of training services required, we can schedule a single session, or multiple sessions that work with your schedule.

Looking For A Professional?

At On Location Animal Training and Consulting we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of pets and their caretakers. Contact us today to help get started on a path to improved behavior.

Contact us to get started on your behavioral success journey.

Call or Text

(586) 524-4787